If you are new to the world of dancing, you may have certain questions or concerns over what we offer at our Arthur Murray Dance Centers. With a history dating back to 1912, we have come to understand everything there is to know about adult dance lessons as we have helped numerous individuals just like you hone their skills in a fun and engaging manner.  Our ultimate goal is to help you feel comfortable as you journey through dance lessons at our Seacoast Ballroom, so we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions for your benefit. That said, if you don’t see the answers you need, contact us, and we will get things sorted as best as we can!

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Dance FAQs

  • What do you do if your partner is more experienced than you are?
    So just because one of you has taken some dance classes before, that doesn’t come into play at all with your role as the leader or follower. Don’t worry, we understand how to guide each partner towards understanding their role and skill set! In football terms, she’s the defense and you’re the offense. Since you don’t play the same position, or even on the same side of the ball, you have different jobs and responsibilities. So just because she took some dance classes before, that doesn’t come into play at all with your role as the leader/quarterback.
  • How often should I come in for my lessons?
    If possible, keep your lessons  close together at the beginning of your program. This allows your teacher to get your brain and body to cooperate much sooner. The more often you can attend, the better you will understand the world of dance! Our ultimate goal is to help you feel comfortable in anything you are trying to achieve!
  • Where am I going to use this stuff I’m learning anyway?
    You can put everything you’re learning into action right away at one of our practice parties. Outside of that, many of our students use their dancing skills at wedding receptions, reunions, and company parties. If you’re planning a vacation, going on a cruise will usually provide several different themed rooms to dance in. Lastly, there are nightclubs you can go to as well. Whether it’s salsa or country, there’s a little bit of everything out there. The more you know about dancing, the more you have to choose from.
  • (Bride) I’m taking lessons for my wedding, should I dance in my wedding shoes?
    Your wedding shoes are a part of the finishing touches to your overall “wedding look.” Unfortunately, they aren’t always designed for comfort, or dancing. We’d recommend that you bring your shoes in so your teacher can see how well you can move in them and determine the best course of action. In a perfect world, we’d suggest getting a pair of white ballroom dancing shoes to wear for the first dance and reception. Your guests won’t even know, and trust us, you will be a lot more comfortable during the dance!
  • What do I wear for my first lesson?
    We have students that come to their lessons straight from work or straight from the gym, so whatever's comfortable or convenient is fine with us. Just make sure to have some comfortable shoes, as this is the most important aspect of dancing well!
  • I’d like to get a pair of ballroom dance shoes, what should I look for?
    For guys, your first pair should be regular, non-patent, leather in a standard heel. Because of the softness of the leather, the shoes will stretch more than normal, so some dancers get a half size smaller than standard street shoes. For girls, we recommend any heels as long as they aren’t higher than 2.5 inches. That said, you may be more comfortable in flats, so choose whatever works best for you!  In addition, we always recommend a nude or bronze colored shoe for your first pair.
  • What kind of shoes should I wear for my lesson?
    You can wear any type of shoe that won’t slip off  your feet. So, dress shoes or sneakers are fine, just skip the sandals. The other option is ballroom dance shoes, which have a suede sole and softer leather.

We hope you have found the answers to your questions. Once again, if you do not see the answers you need, do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience. Our team is more than happy to assist you as you begin your journey in the world of dancing!


  • In less than two months we stepped into Arthur Murray’s Dance Studio. Who would have thought that I would be doing the cha cha cha in Burlington Mass at the Marriott Ballroom, I have never performed in front of so many people, actually never performed at all. We really want to Thank Ephraim for choreographing and instructing the Dance, Victoria, Amanda and Rodrigo on technique and instructing my daughter and I. You are all truly Professional, Passionate and Knowledgeable. Also, your class management is very productive and you keep us involved in learning and having fun every time we have a lesson again “Thank you “ Cannot wait for the next lesson.

    Also Thank-you to my husband too.�

    Kristy Dollarhide
  • Love it! Learning Ballroom dancing! Great instructors! They know how to dance and teach and do so with enthusiasm! It is well worth the price. Efraim (my instructor) you are the best!

    Victoria True
  • Wife and I are having a great time learning ballroom dance. The instructors are all great and make it fun.

    Ed Kotkowski
  • I never thought in just three months I would be able to hold my own on the dance floor. The instructors are great teachers, patient and not demanding. A 45 minute lesson feels like 5 minutes. I would recommend this studio to everyone, young and not so young!

    Ellen P. Dozet
  • We were so nervous going in for our first lesson. The professional staff put us at ease right away. They made it fun and easy, even my boyfriend had fun. We always look forward to our lessons and we are really glad we became a part of this studio!

    Linda Parente
  • Love this place! Amanda and Efraim are so nice and give great lessons! We have learned so much and are really enjoying ourselves!

    Dale Moulton
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