What Is the Arthur Murray Process?

What Is the Arthur Murray Process?

At Arthur Murray Dance Centers in North Hampton, we provide adult dance, ballroom dance, and wedding dance lessons. In today’s post, we will be discussing our process, including how we teach students, the difference between private and group lessons, and more. Keep reading to learn more and get in touch with us today if you have any questions or to sign up for a dance class!

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How Students Are Taught

Our students are given an initial 30-minute, private sample lesson. Here, students learn and explore the basics of several popular dances. Students are grouped with other beginners who are interested in the same type of dance. The instructor will explain the Arthur Murray Medal Standards — Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Gold Bar — and create personalized dance programs for each student to teach them the latest techniques, steps, and styles based on their goals, commitment, and interest. 

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About Our Instructors

The dance instructors at Arthur Murray have been carefully selected and extensively trained to ensure students are receiving the best dance instructions. Students have a regular dance teacher who is responsible for their progress. Every so often, students will exchange lessons with other teachers to get experience in adapting to other dance partners and styles. Additionally, students will have a buddy teacher who shares the responsibility of helping them reach their dance goals.

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Private and Group Lessons

One-on-one private lessons involve personalized instruction. Instructors spend the necessary time teaching private dance students proper techniques and styles to help them improve. 

Group lessons allow students to dance with a variety of partners and meet other students. Group lesson instructors will provide a schedule of group class times. There are different level groups throughout the day to choose from and reservations are not needed.

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Medal Ball, Showcase, and Dance-O-Rama Events

At Arthur Murray, we love throwing events for our dance students. 

  • Medal Ball: Celebrates students who are graduating from one level of their dance program to the next. Of course, there is plenty of opportunity for dancing at this elegant event! 
  • Showcase: A one-day event and chance for students to present their own choreographed dance routines. This is a great way to spotlight your social dance skills. 
  • Dance-O-Rama: An exciting three-day event where students from a variety of Arthur Murray studios come together to compete.

Ready to sign up for an adult dance class at the Arthur Murray Dance Centers? Contact our dance studio in North Hampton today to get started with private or group lessons!

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