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My husband and I wanted to learn a choreographed dance for our first dance at our wedding to surprise our family and friends. This dance studio is amazing and I... read more

Gabrielle D. Avatar
Gabrielle D.

The sense of community that Amanda has built is amazing. Plus she does so much outreach with ALS fundraiser and today's event from 11 - 2, all revenues goes toward... read more

Catherine H. Avatar
Catherine H.

positive review I just started, but I wanted to try something new and so far, I'm glad I did. The staff is super friendly and welcoming!!I always leave smiling.
If you've...
read more

Autumn W. Avatar
Autumn W.

I have been dancing at Arthur Murray Seacoast for about over a year now, and I have learned so much. Victoria, Amanda, Efraim, Rodrigo and Mat are fantastic instructors! You... read more

Jem J. Avatar
Jem J.

positive review New to dance and was nervous to take the step to learn. I am so thrilled to start this new venture and couldn’t imagine any where else to be! Shaking... read more

Denise G. Avatar
Denise G.

positive review AM Seacoast is a wonderful place to dance. It’s my studio of choice when I come to the east coast to visit family. Great vibe, super welcoming, fantastic staff.

Harriet F. Avatar
Harriet F.

This was a wonderful place to learn dancing! They were very helpful even with beginners! Very flexible and accommodating schedule! We both look forward to the lessons. Would recommend to everyone!

Anne H. Avatar
Anne H.

positive review What started out as a short series of lessons to add spark to our late winter doldrums has ended up being the most joyful way to stay connected and active... read more

Jane N. Avatar
Jane N.

positive review We just signed up for lessons for our wedding! Amanda is awesome!! We can’t wait for our next session!!

Christine M. Avatar
Christine M.

The thing about this Dance Studio is that whatever time and energy you put in, you get back 100 fold or maybe even 1000 fold.. It's amazing transformation of your... read more

Jessica B. Avatar
Jessica B.

positive review Highly recommend! Service, decor, location, students, coaches are all super great and make it an enjoyable learning experience. I love how the music and movement make... read more

Jessica B. Avatar
Jessica B.

positive review Barrie and I love Seacoast Arthur Murray Dance Studio. We've truly enjoyed working with Efraim, Victoria and Amanda to polish our dance moves and become the dancers we dreamed of... read more

Barbara A. Avatar
Barbara A.
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