How to Plan Your First Dance

How to Plan Your First Dance

Planning the first dance at your wedding shouldn’t stress you out. With all of the details you have to keep track of, we will take the load off your plate and help you choose the right style for your first dance. Arthur Murray Dance Centers can train you and your partner for any type of dance you’re interested in performing. Read on to learn how you can plan the perfect first dance.

Does Your Wedding Have A Theme?

Play off your wedding theme when planning your first dance. A beachy theme goes well with the Merengue and a vintage wedding theme would pair well with the Foxtrot or Cha-Cha. Using your wedding theme as a way to set the tone for your first dance can tie the whole event together. Arthur Murray Dance Centers can level up your first dance with professional dance classes for the dance style you choose.

What Is Your First Song?

The song that you will dance to is ultimately the determining factor for which dance style you will perform. Many couples choose slow, romantic songs for their first dance, which would pair well with the classic Waltz. However, if you prefer a more upbeat song, you can try Swing dancing. When you take a dance class with the professionals at Arthur Murray Dance Centers, your moves on the dance floor will surely impress your guests! Arthur Murray Dance Centers will help guide you through your lessons so that you move with grace and ease on your special day. 

How Big Is The Dance Floor?

Whether your dance floor is big or small, you can still perform a memorable first dance. For small, intimate weddings without much floor space, you can perform the Cha-Cha or the Tango. These dance styles require smaller, compact steps which will prevent you from having to move around the floor too much. However, if your floor space is wide enough with room for you and your guests to move around, the Foxtrot would be a great dance to try out, as it requires many forward and backward steps. At Arthur Murray Dance Centers, we can provide you with the guidance you need to perform an unforgettable first dance. Your first dance class is only a click away!

What Does Your Dress Look Like?

Are you wearing a ballgown? A mermaid style dress? Or an A-line dress? If you want to perform a Tango, an A-line dress would be your best option as it allows for plenty of movement. On the other hand, if you are wearing a ballgown, the classic Waltz or a Viennese Waltz can be performed without hassle.  Take your dress into consideration when you are planning your first dance because you want to be able to twirl and spin with ease, without worrying about tripping or falling. Sign up for a dance class with Arthur Murray Dance Centers today!

Make Your First Dance Unforgettable

When you’re planning your first dance, you have a lot to take into consideration, including your first song and even what your dress looks like. We can help you ease your stress by helping you choose which dance style will suit your wedding. Contact Arthur Murray Dance Centers for a fun and expert dance class so you can perform your first dance with confidence.

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